This is part 2 of our guide – “Everything You Should Know Before Buying Virgin Hair Online”. If you missed part 1, you can read it here, otherwise, let’s jump right in.

As we mentioned previously, 100% pure virgin hair extensions are the highest quality hair you can buy. The caveat is, they are also the most expensive type of hair and require a bit of effort and experience to manage.

But there is another way to get the look and quality you’re after…

Virgin Remy Hair Extensions: High Quality, Easy To Manage And Affordable

remy hair extensions Virgin Remy hair extensions are the best option for women who want all the benefits of higher grade virgin hair, but still want the convenient packaging and easy use of hair from the beauty supply store .

Unlike 100% pure virgin hair, Remy hair extensions go through a more stringent cleaning process to remove impurities. This may include steaming and/or the use of stronger detergents to get rid of the dirt, lice, and lice eggs commonly found in the hair of women in underdeveloped countries where hair is donated and collected.

Despite this process, virgin Remy is very high quality human hair. Each bundle comes from a single donor with the hair cuticles intact and laying in the same direction. Laying the hair “root-to-tip” ensures a smooth and consistent texture.  This also allows virgin Remy hair extensions to last longer and to be curled, straightened or dyed more easily.

Virgin Remy Hair Extensions: Single Drawn And Double Drawn

Single drawn Remy hair extensions are tapered at the end which creates a very natural looking hairstyle. The hair is collected by gathering the donor’s hair in a pony tail and then cutting it off. This usually leaves the bundle with different hair lengths, but the shorter hairs are removed using a process known as hackling.

This video shows how to hackle virgin hair extensions:

Double Drawn Remy hair extensions  are a more expensive grade of hair. This is single drawn hair which has been cut on both ends so that the whole bundle of hair is the same length. The length in each bundle is consistent, so if you buy a bundle of 22 inch Remy Double Drawn hair, all strands will measure 22 inches and the ends will have a broad square shape.













So now that you know the basics about the different quality levels of virgin Remy hair extensions, let’s explore the different types available on the market and dispel some myths in the virgin hair industry.

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