Model Materials is always looking for ways to help you get the most value from your virgin hair extensions.

We know one of the most common problems women have with the hair weave they buy is excessive shedding.

You can stop most hair extensions from excessive shedding by sealing the wefts with a sealer such as Dritz Fray Check or Aleene’s Fabric Fusion available at your local Walmart for about $5.

Here is a video that explains everything you need to know about sealing your wefts. It covers the benefits of sealing as well as a basic tutorial on how to do it.

Keep in mind, if you have 3 or 4 bundles of hair, unrolling your hair and then sealing your wefts can take quite some time.

If you want a trick to get the job done faster… check out this second video that shows you how to seal your wefts like a pro!