virgin-hairBefore launching our virgin hair company, we knew we didn’t want to just jump in “the game” and start selling hair extensions. We wanted to enter the market with a purpose and fulfill a need.

So prior to buying inventory for our virgin hair line, we polled over 200 women who had purchased hair extensions online to find out what their biggest complaints were and what improvements they would like to see from a hair company.

Here’s what they said:

  • By a wide margin, the number one complaint was about companies claiming to sell high quality virgin hair but actually having low grade hair that shed, mat, and/or tangled within days or weeks. The women in our poll said they felt cheated and ripped off by these companies.
  • The second biggest complaint was about receiving poor customer service. 56% of the women in our survey said they had experienced rude, disrespectful, and even “ghetto” customer service after spending hundreds of dollars with some hair companies.
  • The third most common complaint sparked heated responses from our participants. It is was about companies and their unfair (and in many cases) nonexistent return policy. Many hair companies blame any problems with their extensions on the customer and refuse to refund or replace them based on that excuse.

These industry wide problems make buying virgin hair online similar to gambling. In our opinion, that is just not the way business should be done. We feel each customer should get exactly what they expect and pay for.

That is why we are throwing out all the “old rules” of the hair business… and completely eliminating your risk when purchasing our premium hair extensions.

Here Are The Top 3 Reasons To Buy Virgin Hair Extensions From Model Materials:

  • Our 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee – We sell premium virgin hair extensions for women who appreciate quality, beauty, and peace of mind.

    That is why we make you this promise: If you buy hair from Model Materials and it sheds, tangles or mats excessively within 90 days — even after you have styled, cut, curled, or dyed it — just send it back and we will cheerfully exchange it. And if the new hair still acts up – we will refund every dime you have spent – no hidden strings attached – and no tricky fine print.

  • Free Shipping w/ Delivery Confirmation (within the US) – Many companies pad their profits by charging you shipping fees higher than it actually costs, but we don’t play those games with your money. When you order virgin hair from Model Materials online, your shipping and handling is on us and you will be able to track its delivery to your door.
  • Professional and Courteous Customer Service – If you ever have any questions or problems in regards to our products, feel free to pick up the phone and call us toll-free at (888)633-1102 between 9am-8pm EST. Or leave us a message here. We will reply promptly with courtesy and professionalism, ready to smooth out any wrinkles and make your transaction a pleasant experience.

If any of this sounds good to you, we invite you to check out our line of premium virgin hair extensions and discover your inner model.